Went With the Wind

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Miss Starlet, Miss Starlet, Miss Starlet, Miss Starlet... the war is over!


There's a Yankee soldier coming up the walk!  What'll we do?

Well you can't ask him in, it simply isn't done.

He's at the door! He's at the door! He's at -smack- 

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I'm here to collect the $300 back taxes on Tara.

What the heck did you do Melody? Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree? Oh my darling Brashly! Now that the war is over we'll never let anything come between us ever again.

But you see, my money is gone. Gone, gone where? It went with the wind. Wind, what wind?

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Well that's pretty but it doesn't answer my question.

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You mean Ratt Butler, the man who became a millionaire during the war?  Why precious Ratt, where is he?

Well I got an idea, when he comes in why don't you hide behind the drapes? I've got me a dress to make.
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Afternoon Sissy.  Is Miss Starlet at home?

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So... how are ya Captain Butler?

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I wish I was in the land of cotton.  Old times there are not forgotten.  Look away. Look away? Look away!  Dixie land.


(and the audience
 goes wild!)
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That gown is gorgeous.

Thank you.  I saw it in the window and just couldn't resist it.

sound clip

Marry you?  Why you're the scum of the ocean and the chicken of the sea.  Of course I'll marry you.

Where you gonna find a minister? Why I'm a minister. Well you marry us. Sure
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I now pronounce you man and wife.  Now how bout them back taxes?  

Here you are minister, $300 dollars.  Sissy show the minister the door.

Shoot.  For $300 dollars I'll show him anything he wants.  Com'on sugar.

sound clip

I just became Mrs. Ratt Butler, would you like to kiss the bride?

Well I, Well I, Well I...

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