Caged Dames

Lily Tomlin and Steve Lawerence
Vicki steals the show

Mama's Family Monopoly
A hilarious one that leaves Eunice all wet.

High Hat
Ken Berry and Roddy McDowall
Can we say dance fever?

Pdvd_013.jpg (151396 bytes)Bump Up the Lights 
The 2004 special featuring the return of the entire cast of The Carol Burnett Show.
pdvd_024.jpg (112061 bytes)ShowStoppers
The clips on this DVD really did stop the show, at least for me.  They are hilarious!
pdvd_069.jpg (182535 bytes)Went With the Wind
One of the most beloved and funniest skits ever done.  I still laugh out loud at the curtains.

Pdvd_052.jpg (245864 bytes)Red Riding Hood
A Spanish send up where Carl Reiner steals the show as the wolf... uh bull.  Hilarious!

As The Stomach Turns
with guess star Bernadette Peters
and Tim Conway, this is one of my favorite sketches.

Pdvd_023.jpg (185928 bytes)Mary Mary Quite Contrary
with guess star Jim Nabors
Carol nailed the her impersonation of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.  Great skit!